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This is a new daily instance which needs to be completed in a full squad and gives you great rewards.
After learning the instance with our faction and watching Biggy’s videos I decided to compile a full tutorial while it’s still fresh in my mind to make sure I capture all the details and everyone else learns it as soon as possible. If I forgot something please let me know so I can edit it! 😊

I know this is a long, long tutorial, but the instance is actually very simple once everyone gets the gist! It's just a bunch of small details to remember which with practice we all will 🌷

Entrance requirement: Reawakening II LV105, Celestial Saint, and Royal Sky I

Squad Setup

- Cleric and Mystic are crucial for quick resses, at least 2 healers for new squads
- BM, Veno and Seeker for debuffs
- At least 2-3 players with pushing skill are required (or players with Earthquake genie skill)

How to enter Altar of Saintess?

In Polydeux (where we do Battle of Survival), collect the item “Secret Key of Blood” from Recruit Officer Taylor to enter. Please note that you can only do EITHER Battle of Survival OR Altar of Saintess, the same key works for both, so choose carefully which instance you’re going to. This can only be done once per day.

Two Different Endings x Two Different Sets of Rewards

The instance has 2 possible endings, and it is very important that everybody coordinates and does exactly what the squad leader tells them to so that the run will be successful.

1. If you manage to save the Saintess, you will win Glyph Pack LV3, Saintess' Tear, and 20,000 Vitae.
2. If you manage to kill the Fake Saintess, you will win 10 Barbaric Blood Crystal, Saintess' Tear, and 20,000 Vitae.

If you fail the instance, you get some sort of “consolation prize”, which is a reduced amount of Vitae and 2 Saintess’ Tear.
Saintess' Tear can be used to trade for Dull Zenith Skull Shard (Bound), Barbaric Blood Crystal, Soulgem, Nebula Dust Orbs, C Packs, and more. You can trade them at Recruit Officer Taylor.

How to choose which path to go?

The path is chosen at the second stage, where Anlu appears at the center surrounded by 4 vines. If you hit the vines, you’ll automatically be redirected to the 1st path (save Anlu), if you hit the boss, you’ll be automatically redirected to the 2nd path (kill Anlu). More details ahead.


As soon as you take the Secret Key of Blood and enter the instance, you will be ported into a waiting room. Talk to the NPC to take the blue daily quest, and then talk to the same NPC to teleport to the main area.

Once everybody is in the main area, you will see giant chains around the room leading up to giant skulls. Only 4 chains are important, the ones named Fire, Thunder, Ice and Wind.

The squad leader will assign a number from 1 to 10 to every squad member similarly to the mechanic of the Trial of Painting boss in Uncharted Paradise. Then the leader will talk to the NPC in the middle to start the stage.

On chat, the instance will say how many people it wants at the very top of each chain. Let’s use this as example:

In this image it says it wants 2 players at the top end of Ice chain, 2 players at Fire, 6 players at Thunder and 0 players at Wind.
So following the order of the messages, each player will go to the assigned chain, which means:

PLAYER 1 AND 2 – Ice
PLAYER 3 AND 4 – Fire
PLAYER 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 AND 10 – Thunder
No one goes to Wind in this case.

The numbers requested for each element can vary every time but it’s important to follow the order of the elements when figuring out where you have to go. Ideally the squad leader will type which numbers to go to each element to make it easier for the rest of your squad.

Players must carefully climb the chain and stand together at the very top of the chain. You have 90 seconds to do this, which is plenty of time, so take your time, don’t use holy path because the rubberbanding is mean. If the stage fails, the squad can come can back to the main area and restart it.

Once all chain tasks are completed within the required time (90 seconds), everyone will be brought back to the center of the main area, where the second stage begins.


This is the part where the squad will decide which storyline to follow. Here, you will see the boss Anlu (the Saintess) in the middle, and 4 vines around her.

- If any person hits the vines, you will follow the path to Rescue the Saintess Anlu
- If any one hits the boss in the middle, you will follow the path to Kill the Fake Saintess Anlu

The very first hit decides which storyline the instance will follow.

VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT AOE - Don’t hit anything without instructions, don’t aoe, don’t aoe debuff, don’t click to walk, don’t target anything until everyone is ready. This is the crucial part of the instance, if just one person makes a mistake, the instance will fail and the squad will not get the intended rewards. Pay attention to what’s on your target!

VERY IMPORTANT – If you die in the main room and choose to ‘go back to city’, you will be brought back to the Waiting Room. However, if you die in the Waiting Room, DO NOT go back to city or you will be teleported out of the instance. Wait for ress!

Path #1 - Save the Saintess Anlu

I believe most people will choose the 2nd path, which is to kill the fake Saintess, so this tutorial will focus on second path. However, here’s a general overview of the first path:

The squad has to kill at the same time all four vines that bind the Saintess while making sure Anlu survives the onslaught of the minions spawning around the altar. There will only be one chance to rescue Anlu—if unsuccessful, you will need to come back the next day.
If you kill the vines and manage to rescue the Saintess, you will face the three Altar Guards who mutually support one another. You will have to kill all three of them at the same time otherwise they will continuously heal each other.
(that’s all I know about this path)

Path #2 - Kill the Fake Saintess Anlu

This is the path to follow if you want Barbaric Blood Crystals, and the faster way.
In this part, start by attacking ONLY THE BOSS in the middle, with single target attacks.

Rings - Stupid man, guess how many tears I have?

When she says the line above, Anlu will trigger a mechanic that will start spawning red rings at your feet. It will spawn either 8 or 9 rings, one at a time, so keep moving around on the lower platform so you can count how many rings are spawned (they deal damage to you).

At the end of 10 seconds, there will be 2 protection circles across from each other on the lower platform.
If 8 rings are spawned at your feet, everyone must run to the Yellow Circle.
If 9 rings are spawned, everyone must run to the Blue Circle.

Because you are only left with a few seconds after counting rings to get protection, this is the part that most people will die often.
An easier way to figure out which color is the correct circle is to have the squad split in two: half of it stays at the Yellow Circle and half of it stays at the Blue Circle. Whoever gets the Divine Blessing buff is in the correct color, so others can either rush to the correct circle or use immune to get there (or embrace certain death).

Stay inside the protection circle until the the Red Countdown ends. If you leave too soon, you will get instantly killed. Ranged DDs can continue to damage the boss from inside the circle.

Sacrifice Monster

A Sacrifice Monster will spawn at a random player and insta-kill them unless the monster is killed within 5 seconds. If the player gets killed by the Sacrifice Monster, the damage reduction buff on the boss gets another layer.

If the Sacrifice Monster is not killed, it will spawn a green blob called Slimy Mud which will start pushing players up and around. Don’t let that happen!

Reflect - Be careful! The Saintess will reflect all damages after 10 minutes.

Obviously this is incorrectly translated, so once you see this message, in 10 SECONDS the boss will have a Faith and Soul of Vengeance buff. Do not hit the boss in this condition or you will get instantly killed. This can happen at any point so be attentive.

These three mechanics keep repeating until the boss is dead. Try to deal as much damage as possible when the boss doesn’t have SoV and Faith on.


Path #1 - If you hit and killed the vines, you will face the three Altar Guards. You will have to kill all three of them at the same time otherwise they will continuously heal each other.

Path #2 - Confront Seind

This is the final boss in the storyline where you will get Barbaric Blood Crystals. For this stage, it is important to have at least 3 people that can push (either with skill or with genie skill Earthquake). Be careful with skills that push multiple targets at once.

At this stage, Seind will be in the center of the platform, with several guards that cast protection buffs around the lower platform.

Seind's 1st Mechanic – Crystals

You love my favorites too?

While killing the boss, several blue crystals will spawn randomly around the boss. Then, the boss will spawn a Purple Cone, and all crystals must be pushed into the Purple Cone area or everyone will die. Make sure pushers are spread around to cover all crystals, and if there’s someone that can aoe push, that person should be the first one in order to save cooldowns.

If the squad fails at pushing all crystals into the Cone, the squad will be wiped (you can try to save yourself with immune or triple spark). Every time crystals are successfully pushed into the Purple Cone, a Sapling appears which later grows into the Spirit Tree. DO NOT KILL THIS TREE! It will be needed for the boss’ last mechanic. The more trees you spawn, the more protection you will have later, up to 4 trees.

Continue to do this mechanic until you have the number of fully grown Spirit Trees you need.

In between, kill boss up until 75 to 80mil HP. At 70mil HP, the boss will trigger the next mechanic, so make sure everyone is ready before the next mechanic starts.

Seind's 2nd Mechanic – Guardsmen (At 70mil/40mil/15mil)

Seind will release Hellfire in 20 seconds. Please kill the Guardsman of Spiritual Altar and occupy the Altar.

Once the boss goes down to 70mil HP, this is when players should be positioned by a guard, exactly 2 players per guard. Once the boss says the line above, the guards must be killed immediately to cast a protection on nearby players or they will be instantly killed.

But because the guards have so much HP, it is advised to stop hitting the boss around 75-80mil and then start hitting the guards, bringing them to a low HP (only kill when the boss announces Hellfire).

***Please note that one of the guards will be a fake and will not protect those 2 players, which will die anyway.

Stay inside the guard’s protection circle until the Red Countown ends.

This mechanic repeats at 40mil and 15mil HP, so make sure to damage guards again before those points to have them ready to die once the boss releases Hellfire.

Seind's 3rd Mechanic – Kill Seind Again

Seind will summon himself. Please make sure you have enough Spirit Trees to survive.

After the boss dies, the squad will have to kill Seind again and will need the Spirit Trees to survive his massive damages.

Seind will release the Thundershocker curse in 15 seconds. Please attack the Spirit Tree as hide under it.

All players must stand under the same Spirit Tree and when Seind says the line above, this tree must be killed so the protection buff is triggered. Then damage the boss as much as possible.

After the 1st tree is dead, move on to the next one, but do not kill it yet, wait for the message to appear.

Repeat this until the last tree and the boss is killed.

The End

No, it’s not the end yet! This is when you get your rewards, so make sure you activate your Vitae buff before accepting the quest reward.

Now that you’ve read the Altar of Saintess’ Bible, watch Biggy's videos to get a visual understanding and it all will make sense!


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