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Joining Dynasty


New to the game. Playing dusk blade. Kushex in game. Thanks.
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Joining Dynasty


Ello all :D
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Joining Dynasty

Hello everyone :)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to drop in and say hi to everyone ^_^Also, there wasn't anything on the app about gear so I figured I might have missed something... but...Full R9RR+Recasted ring. NW+11 Star's Destiny, +10T3 cape (plan on u...
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Joining Dynasty

Withdrawing my app

As the subject title of the thread indicates, I'm deciding to withdraw my application to Dynasty. Having not received any official response one way or another from an officer as yet, it seems as though there's a lot of controversy surrounding my o...
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Joining Dynasty


hi i was denied entry to your faction. I was wondering is it because i was not on since i talked to you ..... if so, this is the reason i have not been on, i down loaded and installed windows 10 and my game is acting wierd ,...
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Joining Dynasty

i changed my password for website but it still won't let me in

ya I do not know why I keep having trouble. I just want to sign up for tw but it never lets me in..i finally got my password changed but it still doesn't let me in.
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supernovafox3@gmail.com31534Small SakuLv 8y
Joining Dynasty


hi just thought i would pop a post in here about reapplying to join dynabs. Hit me back just to chat peace out
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Joining Dynasty

Hey Dyna :D

Im back after a long break so my question is , can i come bck to Dyna ? Im a Sin lvl 101 rew. If u have any questions pm me <3
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Joining Dynasty

Out of town/Application Status Inquiry

Hi guys, haven't heard anything on my app. Talked to Pablo and he said that there has been no movement as of a few days ago. Regardless, I will be out of town for a few days beginning this evening and not returning until Tuesday the 1st of Oct...
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Joining Dynasty

Add to app.

I'm sorry, I forgot to add my alts. I'll be on Hatoku or Hetari if i'm not on Khiazi. Thank You :D
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Joining Dynasty

Enquiry about status of Application.

Hey all,This is Riyu here. I had submitted an applctn like 5 days back now,for joining Dyna.Stil, gt no answers from any oficers. Therefore, I'd request you guys to kindly let me know of the status of my applicatn. If its rejectd or accptd.Thank you.
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Joining Dynasty

hi guys

i recently started playing again and was hoping to get an invite back if you guys will have me.
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Joining Dynasty

Computer problems

Hello I just wanted to let the officer know of you have been tryin to contact me in game I have recently run into computer problems. I am not currently able to even get my computer to start windows. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I do hope to...
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Joining Dynasty


Name of Alt (which forgot to mention) ElusiveDream, or DreamsEscape you will find me there if not on _Dreams_ Thank you
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Joining Dynasty

can't get to application area

I have tried several times to look at your application. Something about the pw wont let me either create a new one to log in. I have tried several times even put in forget password, I get a notice from to reset I have tried to change an...
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