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Dragon Conquest: Knights VS Dynasty 19/11/2016

Hi all Dynasty,first at all very good fight and thank you all for the fun war.Here the video fo the war:Knights VS Dynasty 19/11/2016This is my first war since i'm come back full deity, i was doing miracles to stay alive ehehe and as someone asked...
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Working a Few Friday Nights

Hey guys, I'll be working this Friday, (10.21.16). I don't normally work Friday nights, so this is why I'm posting. So if we should have a TW, obviously, I won't be able to make it.I'm also going to be picking up a couple Fridays next month, as we...
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Preece2808Small SoulShatter 5y

XTW: Knights VS Dynasty

Hello Dynasty,Here the video of cross tw with Knights.Thank you all for the fun and the epic war :)XTW: Knights VS Dynasty 15/10/2016
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Recruitment Video
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Out for a few weekends

Ill be gone till early Oct to see Meli :D won't be at TW/XTW next few weeks qq.GL ^_^
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XTW: Vengeful[Tw] VS Dynasty[Ti]

Hello guys,there the video of our cross tw from my barb pov.XTW: Vengeful VS Dynasty 13/08/2016Thank you all for the fight, was much fun :)
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2 week vacay

Wont be avail to do much for a few weeks, goin pretty far west so ping will prob be terrible too. Back to normal schedule around Aug 14th.
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Hyper Stones!

Hello everyone! so i have received a pretty decent donation of 1069 Hyper Stones! If You are mass pv'ing ur dyna mains please contact me and i will mail them to you!! :D ily!
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Away for few months

Hello everyone, I'm going to be away for around 2 months due to my internship in Hungary. If i get any stable internet there, i will probably try to connect in game for some mins. Till then have fun, and rock n roll!Yours,Melinoee PS.Botanist migh...
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Just dropping by to say hi! I don't know who still remember me but...How are you guys? Everything going well?
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Away til further notice

Hello Dyna. Due to a very busy RL schedule I have been unable to play actively. Not sure how long I'll be out of game...If you must boot me from fac due to inactivity, that's fine. Til then, Have fun Dyna!
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Just saying hi to everyone : )
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a small absence

Sadly i have to take an absence till umm about may, I cant really do stuff like tw/nw etc since im working kinda alot before my holiday, but i might make it to a few TW's while im home on holiday, might..Won't promisse anything.Hope you will under...
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A glimpse into Dynasty

What is a faction? Friends, Family, Fun, or just a group of like-minded gamers in it together? Yesh Dyna is involved in all the spoils of end game activity - we like 'every other' faction on Tideswell - have a faction base and squad up weekly for ...
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hi dyna family😀
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Beware, Apocalypse is coming

is this still the right forum? :)if this is, ewwww Dragslave as Director
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I finally did it and went off the grid out of sight for awhile....

I checked out of life on-line and checked my self in"{ IN the process my VA Specialist tripled my meds an I am doing so much better now, I even went as far in setting up a solar panel grid here with battery banks to store all that energy from the...
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It's meeeeeee o/

Hey guys n gals,Just wanted you to get to know me better so... here :D
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Goodbye, Dyna.

Hello, everyone.Today I came here (in game as well) to say my last goodbye to all of you.I think 10 years playing Perfect World is quite enough, if not too much - it's time to move on. And don't think to yourself that PWI isn't around for so long ...
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