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Numbers, what do I need focus on ..
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Double jumpin and double postin

i clicked post and nuthin happening let me try this again.Yes! Its Sel and hi to the ones that know meh \o/ and as the title says imma Soul Searching atm. After 6 years i finally think imma take things to the next level and try me a Big TW fac. D...
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Kre made me come here

That slick wizzy made me come check this site out. Sel on the other hand says I'm not allowed here. *:| Well, Hello Dyna folks!:)
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Hello everyone

I m back in hong kong, but my region is banned :'( hows everyone?? <3 <3 <3
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___Blade___ likes the diddly

Subject is nuff said <3
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I will be moving in next couple days. Going back to Wisconsin . Will be at least 2-3 days drive .. woot cant wait.*:| Today will be my last day on. Will prob be out for month or more till i get living situation/new job resolved but if i am lucky ...
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Y'all suck:3
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Hi folks

Hello, everyone! Just passing by to say hi. What's up? Miss you guys!Not coming back, though. Life outside of videogames has been busy enough. :(
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now i have your attention ... give me u female fash. <3
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just coming to say Hi and see how things are going...

Hi all!!I`m still on my long break from pwi.. there are some things I miss and some things I don't... but I still refuse to completly un-install pwi from my computers. So I decided to come to say hi and see how is everything going.. had you guys a...
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Just saying hii

Thought would drop by and say hiii to all of you. I have finally removed PWI off my compt.............6+yrs of playing never thought would ever do this. Life is good though its only the people I have met along the way than enhanced my life and kno...
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yo :3

Hey guys, it's been awhile. Was just on PWI forums reminiscing good old times of all the drama o:If the game didn't suck so much anymore I would probably come back just for the daily dose of it again xDAnyway, how has everyone been? It looks like...
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OMFG a Ghost !

Hey Dynasty, been a while XDi know i've been booted for inactivity, i blame Dragslave !on a serous note, it was a pleasure to be in DynastyI stoped playing PWI when Merangelus and A_Raft stoped for personal reasons. Since they were my buddies i wa...
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New puppy!!!

Here are pics of my new darling...her name is Akasha.
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Sorry about the vanishing act

I hope you all are doing well. I suddenly had to move out on my own which was nicely timed with the end of the TW season and my will to play the game vanished really quickly. I apologize for not at least posting something. Perhaps I will find m...
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You All Know You Would Drink It...
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Hide and Seek

Find the cat:
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The Haiku Game

The goal of this game is to use the last line of the previous haiku as the first line in your haiku. (A haiku is a three-line poem that has a rigid syllable count - 5 in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third.)To start off:This lounge...
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