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  • General Rules
General Rules
1. Keep mumble/discord and chats clean, civil, and mature. Drama will not be tolerated.
2. Do not act rudely towards faction members.
3. Don't PK faction members without their express prior consent. Return all items dropped in PK mode by faction members to them. This rule extends to PK-enabled instances and events, with the exception of NW.
4. When you wear Dynasty's name, you represent the faction as well as yourself. Do not behave in a manner which may damage your personal reputation sufficiently that you damage those of Dynasty and fellow members by association. This includes insults to other factions or players, harassment, scamming, and excessive ToS violations.

TW Rules
6. This is a Territory War and Dragon Conquest faction. Everyone available to go to Dragon Conquest or a Territory War that we need people for should go. Anyone that can't go to TW or DC often may be kicked.
7. We start squadding for TW 30 minutes before TW. If you are not in your squad 15 minutes before the start of TW, you will be replaced.
8. Don't go onto the TW map without being assigned to a squad. You may be immediately kicked from the faction.
9. Don't pick up a catapult in TW unless you are directed to do so. You may be immediately kicked from the faction.
10. Do not spawn kill. Please stay behind the crystal so we can clearly see you are not spawn killing.
11. In order to be eligible for TW pay, you are required to use mumble(though the use of a microphone is not required).
12. Don't apply to certain other TW factions (Defiant).

Rules About the Rules
13. These rules extend to all your alts.
14. You will receive a warning if you violate any of these rules; if you break the same rule again, you may be kicked from the faction.
15. Application of the rules is at the officers' discretion. To be clear, in the case of an extreme offense, the officers will discuss the issue and may kick you without a prior warning. In cases where the application of the rules is unclear, it will be decided by a forum of the officers.
16. These rules may change. Dynasty members will be notified whenever this happens.
17. There will be a nice round number of rules. This is actually rule #5.