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Alright so a quick guide on how to set up Mumble.

Settings for the server:
Once you are in the server you'll need to do some set up stuff. The first thing you should do is register.

Right click on your name and click Register.

Once you are registered. You can now move around and use mumble.

There are various settings and things to look into. You will need to enter the Access Token to enter the TW rooms. (Ask your squad leader for the Access Token)
Once you have the Access Token:

Click on Server in the top left hand corner
Click Access Tokens

A box will pop up.
Click Add at the bottom of this box

You will see Empty Token
Click the words Empty Token and type in the Access Token you were given.

Now let's set up your push to talk

1st click Configure at the top

Theres a few options but we are going to focus on the push to talk shortcut which is found in Shortcuts

Click add at the bottom

Now choose your shortcut

If you need to set up a bind for squad is just like before but instead choose the Whisper/Shout option
Next in the data section ( in the picture its where you see the words WackyTaffy)

Choose names from the drop down list and choose the squadleaders/officers after you choose the name click add